Fitted Wardrobes Birmingham

Fitted wardrobes for your bedroom is an easy way to transform your bedroom from looking cluttered to modern and organised. It is easy to make a big statement or choose a design to blend in with your existing colour scheme. You can give yourself much-needed storage in your bedroom to last forever.

To ensure the design and installation of your wardrobe goes as smoothly as possible, read our guide to help you make the right decision.

A Guide to Planning Your Fitted Wardrobe

Measure Your Space Accurately

Before ordering your fitted wardrobes Birmingham, it is important to get your tape measure out and measure your bedroom from wall to wall and floor ceiling. All these figures are important to note down accurately before you place your order as it will be a nightmare if they arrive at the wrong size.

You should also be aware of an existing feature in the room that could affect installation, such as furniture, electrical sockets, light switches and fittings, window ledges, radiators, and doors. It can be helpful to plan out a bird’s eye view of the room to help visualise what the product will look like.

Shop Around

Before committing to one fitted wardrobes Birmingham company, you should be sure to shop around different places to give you a comparison in terms of what is on offer. You should give them a good idea of what you are looking for, including exterior and interior ideas. By getting experts opinion they may give you a solution that you have not thought of yet or offer cost-saving ideas to help.

Finalise the Design

Once you have collated all the ideas, you should make a final decision on the door design and finishings. This should be a thorough and researched decision as it will be an investment purchase to be in place for a while!

Fitted Wardrobes Birmingham