Workforce Management: the only thing that can ease the agony of human resources

The football analogy

Workforc Management Systems

Imagine this. Manchester United vs. Manchester City. It’s the final game of the season and whoever wins this match will win the Premier League. It’s all to play for. Not only are all the seats at Old Trafford sold out, but every pub in Manchester will be showing the match on Sky Sports. Even the local cinemas have paid to show the match. There’s a sense of anticipation in the air. Everyone from Manchester will be watching and, like marmite, no one will be sitting on the fence on who they want to win.

But for one person there’s a building feeling of dread.

Amelia oversees human resources. She must organise who will be working the match. To do this she needs to work through previous match data to establish trends and predict how many people will be in attendance. From this, Amelia will have to assess how many people she will need working in the run up, during and after the big match. She needs to prepare a schedule, working to everyone’s preferences. She needs to assess everyone skills and place them in the correct area for that evening. And she knows that after spending the best part of the last month organising all this, the employees will start to call her and ask if they can do switch shifts. Poor, poor Amelia.

Only one thing can save her.

Workforce management.

She reads about it online. Her heart starts racing as she realises the effect that Workforce Management Software could have on her life. Maybe she’ll be able to go to bed at a decent hour. Maybe she won’t have her mum breathing down her neck about missing another family wedding. She even lets her mind wander to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, she’ll be able to cook her own meals instead of sticking ready meals in the microwave at work every evening. But she doesn’t want to get carried away. She takes a deep breath, tries to calm down, and scrolls down further to read a little more.

Amelia finds that if she were to download a workforce management system, the downloaded software would create a workforce forecast that would tell her how many stewards should be working that night. The workforce management system will create a schedule for her and automatically send it out to all the employees with the option for them to apply to switch shifts. The system will track the performance of each employee, allowing Amelia to discipline and reward accordingly.

Amelia presses the download button immediately, and friends, she hasn’t looked back since. Amelia was the only person in Manchester that night who didn’t care who won the match because in her mind she had already won by downloading a workforce management system. Everyone was happy with their hours, there wasn’t one person working a shift they weren’t suite for and best of all, she got home in time to make her own lasagne.